Gonçalo Hall

CEO of NomadX
Promoting the future of remote work

About Gonçalo Hall

Gonçalo Hall is the CEO at NomadX, one of the biggest digital nomad communities in the world (a digital nomad is someone who works online while living and travelling around the world).

NomadX provide digital nomads physical communities in Madeira, Cabo Verde, Lisbon and Caparica. The communites allow people to work, travel, and connect all over the world.

Gonçalo has also created many specialist remote companies, services, and events including:

  • Remote Work Movement This podcast features CEOs from many fully remote companies, plus founders of coworking and coliving spaces, re-education projects, and more.
  • Future of Work Conferences The conferences take place in Portugal, Brazil, global Europe and Africa.
  • Remote Portugal is a comprehensive resource about remote work across Portugal.
  • Remote Europe Provides remote jobs, articles, and events in Europe.

At the Digital Nomad Village in Ponta do Sol, Madeira Islands, Gonçalo has been building a community of digital nomads focused on having a positive local impact and deep human connections. Digital Nomads Madeira is an initiative developed by the Regional Government of Madeira, Startup Madeira, and Gonçalo. The project was featured in CNN, Washington Post, Skift, Lonely Planet, Irish Times and many other international publications.

Gonçalo worked with the Cabo Verde government in Africa to attract thousands of remote workers and entrepreneurs to their beautiful islands. The project is digitalizing and educating the local population to work remotely from Cabo Verde to any company around the world.

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